Motor-mad Leeds boy's birthday drive-by treat

A motor-mad Leeds boy was in for a surprise when more than 100 customised cars drove by his house for a "birthday present of a lifetime".

Eddie Peart, four. By Rhian Peart.

Rhian Peart sent out a social media plea hoping to arrange an extra special array of car for son Eddie to see on his fourth birthday.

She was stunned when car clubs from all over Yorkshire responded to the post - and spectacular vehicles paraded down Middleton Park Grove - much to Eddie’s delight.

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Eddie Peart comes from a long-line of mechanics - with his granddad Tony and two uncles, Nathan and Luke, working in the industry.

By Rhian Peart.

This has led to him becoming “obsessed with anything with an engine”.

His birthday extravaganza on Monday lasted thirty minutes with modified cars including an old-school American cop car and Eddie’s favourite, a Subaru.

Speaking of his epic birthday celebrations, Rhian said: “It was absolutely amazing and a complete surprise for Eddie.

“He is obsessed with cars and anything with an engine so I had an idea to get some cool cars to drive past the house.

By Rhian Peart.

“I posted something on Facebook expecting maybe four or five cars to turn up but I was blown away when over 140 cars.”

Writing on Facebook, Rhian said: “Calling all local car lovers. My Autistic son Eddie is turning four on the 20th August and he loves cars.

“I am hoping to plan a mini car parade for him which would really make his day.

“If anyone is or knows anyone who would be up for helping to make his day extra special please message me for details.”

The youngster and his family were told Eddie had autism in March - a diagnosis Rhian had spent years pushing for.

The 24-year-old mum-of-two explained Eddie is starting school in two weeks and is finding the big adjustment stressful - so she wanted to give him the birthday present of a lifetime.

Full-time carer Rhian said: “It was incredible to see the whole community come together like that to make Eddie’s dreams come true.

“It was the birthday present of a lifetime he was grinning from ear to ear.

“He is starting reception in September and he is understandably very anxious and stressed. It will be a huge change in direction and also he will be away from me and his little brother Rowan.”

Rhian added: “He is highly intelligent and I think he enjoys the noises they make especially the ones with high revs, Subaru is definitely his favourite.

“He couldn’t stop giggling when he saw it, this birthday is definitely going to be one for him to remember.”

Ryan Price, 22, of Seacroft, helped to organised the parade with his club Street Image UK and friend Nathaniel Maddison.

Mr Price said: “I don’t think the community hardly knew what was going on around the area. As soon as they got the gist there was people out with their phones.”

“It was absolutely hectic.”