Move for memorial to mark sacrifices in Blitz

Campaigners fighting for a permanent memorial to those who died in the Sheffield Blitz have appealed to the public to give them ideas on how they would like to see the victims commemorated.

Neil Anderson who wrote Sheffield's Date With Hitler to mark the 70th anniversary of the attacks and Terry Deary, creator of the multi-million selling Horrible Histories series, are behind the project.

Their campaign has already attracted hundreds of names on a petition, won cross party support at the Town Hall and the pair are now exploring ways of raising funds as well as planning a future competition for the public to come up with design ideas.

Mr Deary, who has just published a children's fiction novel, Put Out The Light, set in the Sheffield Blitz, said: "I've been amazed how little there is to mark the Sheffield Blitz and the sacrifices the city and its people made in December 1940.

"Those two nights totally changed the course of the city's history and profoundly affected the lives of everyone here.

"We need a memorial to show our respect for those who died and to create a focus for those who live to pause and reflect for a moment in our busy lives."

Mr Deary and Mr Anderson said they were keen to get the thoughts of the public on what they would like to see and build on a petition which was launched at the special Sheffield Blitz commemoration event held on The Moor, an area of the city centre that was devastated by the first night of the raid.

Mr Anderson said: "Ideas we've had to date include a high-profile Sheffield Blitz Trail with plaques on key sites around the city centre.

"Many people want a highly visible memorial.

"There are many ideas which all have cost and time implications and we want to get the views of Sheffield people."

The public are invited to sign the online petition at and leave their comments regarding what they would like to see as a fitting tribute.