Moved fruit pasta joke

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From: Brian Sheridan, Redmires Road, Sheffield.

NORMALLY my wife won’t hear a word against Morrisons (Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post, June 16). She is especially keen on their vegetables which, I am reliably informed, unlike those of some of their major competitors, are freshly sourced locally.

However, only her sense of humour rescued her from an irritating experience recently at their Hillsborough superstore. Unable to locate her usual supply of fresh pasta she approached an employee for help and this was the reply: “Ee ah dunt know, luv. Harry, this lady wants to know weer’t fresh pasta is.”

“O’er theer luv,” replied Harry. “Weer’t bananas used to be.”

“Why, of course,” she replied, “Silly me”.

Gentlemen few and far between

From: Raymond Shaw, Hullen Edge Road, Elland, West Yorkshire.

I WAS most interested to read Chris Bond’s article (Yorkshire Post, June 19) regarding gentlemen.

During my long life I have met very few people I would class as “true gentlemen” though not necessarily from the expected classes. I have met many people who would wish to be classed as a “gentleman” which reminds me that many years ago a nationally known cattle dealer from the Huddersfield area named Sonny Coates termed one such individual as “half a gentleman” – a very apt description.

Heavy move

From: Ruthven Urquhart, High Hunsley, Cottingham.

FOR those of you who are already verging on a state of obesity, or just trying desperately to disguise an ever-increasing waistline, it may be unwise to consider moving into our friendly, yet disturbingly-named village of Little Weighton!