Moving pictures better idea than static screen

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From: Coun Paul Wadsworth, Lingfield Road, Moortown, Leeds.

LEEDS City Council has recently decided to spend £290,000 on a new big screen to replace the one that has looked over Millennium Square since 2005.

The present screen has been a great addition to the square, but it has now come to the end of its life and must be replaced. However, in these times of austerity and cutbacks, I feel bound to ask if the council can justify spending £290,000 on a replacement.

That is an awfully large amount of money, particularly on an amenity that is static and only benefits the city centre

Can the council not explore the possibility of instead introducing a mobile screen that can benefit areas beyond the city centre? Such a screen could visit outlying areas of Leeds, helping them to benefit from the influx of crowds for popular events.

Plus, a mobile screen wouldn’t have to weather the elements and be in operation all day, every day, helping to cut maintenance and running costs.

The council wouldn’t even have to buy a screen, just rent one when an event worth broadcasting is taking place.

In times like this we need to think creatively how we spend the council’s money, and I think a mobile screen could be the way forward, instead of a screen that only really makes an impact at the few major events held once a year or so.