MP calls for probe into predecessor over abuse

POLICE have urged to hold a fresh inquiry into allegations that former Liberal Democrat MP Sir Cyril Smith abused young boys.

Ex-Rochdale MP Sir Cyril, who died two years ago, was at the centre of allegations he administered punishments to vulnerable children at a such as slapping youngsters’ naked bottoms, the town’s Labour MP Simon Danczuk said in the House of Commons yesterday.

He added: “Young boys were humiliated, terrified and reduced to quivering wrecks by a 29st bully imposing himself on them.”

Mr Danczuk has previously highlighted the sexual abuse of young girls at the hands of Asian men in his constituency and levelled his accusations against his predecessor during a Commons debate on child sexual exploitation.

The Labour MP told a hushed House of Commons Sir Cyril, aged 82 when he died, was “a political giant” and one of Britain’s most recognisable politicians. But he claimed authorities were aware of allegations the Lib Dem targeted children, but that a report into the accusations vanished.

MPs were told the abuse centred on the Cambridge House hostel where Sir Cyril was given “a disciplinarian role”.

Mr Danczuk identified two alleged victims and added: “This morning I was approached by another victim who does not want to be named because he said he was ashamed of what happened to him, and his wife is not aware of the abuse he received from Smith.

“What happened to them? Why was this ever allowed to happen?”

The Labour MP has demanded a Greater Manchester Police investigation into the claims .