MP objects to plans for new homes in Otley

LEEDS North West MP Greg Mulholland has written to Leeds City Council to lodge his objections to plans for dozens of new homes on a green field site in Otley.

Greg Mulholland MP

A planning application has been submitted for 74 homes behind Rumplecroft and Meagill Rise, on the Weston Estate.

A previous application for 100 homes on the land was withdrawn by developers in January over concerns about the risk of flooding on the site.

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The Rumplecroft site has been listed as ‘suitable for future development’ in the current draft of Leeds City Council’s Site Allocations Plan (SAP).

Mr Mulholland said: “I know that many residents still have concerns about this proposed development, and I continue to believe that development is not appropriate here. I remain concerned at the impact on traffic and the pressure on Otley Bridge, which is becoming increasingly problematic, without the added pressure this development would bring. I would urge Leeds City Council to reject this proposed development of this green field site, and I re-iterate my calls for Leeds City Council to prioritise the develop brown field sites, rather than seek to develop unsuitable green field, and green belt land.”

Addison planning managibng director Jay Everett, on behalf of applicants Yorkshire Housing and Strategic Team Group Ltd, said: “Yorkshire Housing and Strategic Team Group are working to deliver much needed new family housing for the Otley area on a site that has been identified for housing by the council in its unitary development plan since 2006.

“We understand the concerns of residents and, in response to those concerns, the proposed scheme has been significantly reduced in scale.

“Importantly, drainage and highway issues have been investigated and resolved and large areas of trees will be retained – these will also be supplemented with large numbers of new trees, new public open spaces and the creation of new habitats.

“The site will provide a range of options in terms of low cost home ownership and rented options, all of which are much needed in Otley, an area where house prices are unaffordable for many and which are driving existing young people out of the community. We feel this is a high quality scheme that will deliver housing for local people and be an asset to Otley and the district.”