MP’s reply complacent on cost of rural living

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From: AW Clarke, Wold Croft, Sutton on Derwent.

I WAS interested to read your article and editorial on funding for village schools and to hear that, once again, the East Riding has been given considerably less per pupil than its neighbouring counterparts (The Yorkshire Post, May 1).

I have to say that this infuriates me following, as it does, the glaring differential in overall funding to the East Riding Council which you reported on only a few weeks ago. I was so angry on reading about this I was moved to write to my MP.

The reply which he sent to me was, I have to say, less than satisfactory.

However his last paragraph was, to my mind, quite hilarious. He drew my attention to the fact that life in rural areas was cheaper than that of town dwellers and that we had a better “quality of life”. If the latter is true, it is largely due to the efforts of the community itself making entertainment and also helping neighbours whenever possible. As for the cost of living being cheaper, I have a round trip of 14 miles to the nearest small town for supermarket, butcher, dentist etc. which requires a vehicle with all the attendant costs. I’m afraid that if our rural councils would like to increase funds they have little hope of doing so if my MP’s view is commonplace in Parliament.