MP urges action in voting clash

IT IS an issue where most tread carefully – the “West Lothian Question” of whether Scots MPs should still be allowed to vote on laws which only affect England.

But now Dewsbury MP Simon Reevell has tabled a Commons motion calling on the Government to act now to even things up, given that only politicians north of the border have a say where powers have been handed to the Scottish parliament.

He has attracted the support of 13 other Tory MPs – but has been warned by a former Secretary of State for Wales that such a move would “weaken the Union”.

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Mr Reevell, a barrister, said that devolution in recent years meant the English were getting “left behind”. Last month the Welsh voted in favour of direct law-making powers in 20 areas, including health and education.

Mr Reevell said: “This was something the Conservative Party spoke about before the election. We recognised it was an issue, and colleagues are of the same opinion – you can’t continue to ignore this.

“The danger is if you do ignore it there’s a gathering feeling of resentment – that’s a far greater danger to the union.”

At the moment, English MPs have no say in issues like health and education in other parts of the UK. But Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish MPs can still vote on health and education matters in the House of Commons that only affect England.