MP wrong on metal theft Bill

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From: Sue Handley, Wellington Crescent, Shipley.

THE Yorkshire Post has done a great job of highlighting the disgraceful theft of metal from churches, parks and even schools. But last week MPs had the chance to pass a law cracking down on the sale of stolen metal – and the one voice speaking out against it in the House of Commons was Shipley’s Philip Davies MP.

He wants to let the criminals off the hook because he’s worried scrapyards would have too many forms to fill in. Even the scrap yards’ national body, the British Metal Recycling Association, supports the new law, as they want to drive the criminal element out.

It’s high time MPs take the side of the businesses, churches and ratepayers who have to pay for this metal to be replaced.

Pay that is 
not earned

From: Canon Michael Storey, Healey Wood Road, Brighouse.

I NOTE that Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson is reported to have made millions from the 
show’s success. You later describe his income as “earnings”.

I beg to differ – the word “earnings” is to often used, when the word should be “received” or “paid”. Very few, if any, “stars”, such as Jeremy Clarkson, “earn” what they receive.

Failure of the dress code

From: Pat Turner, Babington Road, Hornchurch, Essex.

GABBY Logan went to Middlesbrough to introduce the pre-Olympic football matches on TV.

She dressed as though she was compering a stockbrokers’ ball in Surrey. Come on, Mrs Logan. Sensible dressing is horses for courses.