Mud stomp volunteers needed

VOLUNTEERS are needed to take part in a Comic Relief fundraising event at Heeley City Farm's Iron Age roundhouse on Saturday.

The roundhouse, a joint venture between the city farm and archaeologists from Sheffield University, is a major part of the Heritage Lottery-funded project, Digging Our Roots, which works with young people to explore Sheffield's farming heritage.

Organisers want hundreds of people to visit the site on Saturday and stomp up and down to mix mud, clay, sand and straw to form daub for the walls of the reconstructed roundhouse.

Heeley City Farm's heritage project officer, Sally Rodgers, said: "The roundhouse is six metres (20ft) wide so we need over three tonnes of daub to get the walls to 40cm (16in) thick all over. The roundhouse is looking fantastic already and it will be brilliant to get people to come along and experience Iron Age building techniques firsthand."

Dr Roger Doonan, of Sheffield University's archaeology department, said: "The mud stomp will be a fun event for a very good cause whilst at the same time letting people experience for themselves some of the activities which were practised in the Iron Age. I suspect there will be a lot of laughter alongside some fascinating insights into the things people got up to in the past."