My Investments: Matthew Gilder, owner of Sheffield-based Via Moto, a specialist in motorcycles and scooters.

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What was your best Business Decision?

It would have to be setting up our Piaggio Dealership in 2012 in Sheffield, which has resulted in a double turnover, year on year.

Are Entrepreneurs born or made?

They can be both. Everyone has the opportunity to start a business. The main thing is passion and determination.

Do you believe it’s become harder for entrepreneurs to start businesses since the crash of 2008?

Definitely - although the crash can’t be blamed exclusively. Certainly, it is much harder to gain the capital required to start a new business in the present climate.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs who are looking to set up a business?

Expect disappointment, but keep on going. The use of technology is vital nowadays, and can provide a huge advantage to new businesses.

What’s the worst investment you’ve ever made?

Importing a high quality brand of Electric Scooters to the UK.

What lessons did you learn from your worst investment?

To research the market more effectively.

Which sectors are most likely to offer handsome returns for business entrepreneurs?

You can enter any sector but you’ve got to stand out – the trick is to be just that little bit different.

Are there any sectors you feel should be avoided?

No – but it’s crucial that you have an interest and a passion for whatever area you are working in.

What was the best piece of business/investment advice you’ve received?

A great saying, that will always be valid is - “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t - you are probably right”.