My View: Why we need to move on from trousergate

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It has been a tumultuous year in the world of politics.

It has been a tumultuous year in the world of politics.

Firstly the shock Brexit decision divided the country and saw the UK with a new Prime Minster. Secondly, the US elections made the Brexit vote look positively predictable as millionaire businessman Donald Trump was voted President and leader of the free world.

Now it seems we are set to end the year with more political bickering and in fighting which is not covering anyone in glory.

Many hailed Theresa May’s appointment as only the second female PM in British history as a major victory for women.

It had ben hotly anticipated that Hilary Clinton would in turn make history by being voted as the United States’s first female Premiere, a dream that was not to become a reality.

However, now, as we face some of the politically turbulent eras in recent times, things have succeeded in becoming increasingly embarrassing.

Yes I am talking about ‘trousergate’. For those who don’t know this is the row that has broken out between No10 and former Education Secretary Nicky Morgan after Mrs Morgan criticised Mrs May for wearing a £995 pair of leather trousers during a newspaper photoshoot.

Mrs Morgan said she would struggle to defend the PM’s choice of trousers in the market of her Loughbrough constituency.

It may be that Mrs May’s wardrobe choice was a little insensitive while preaching austerity, but do we really want to see our Prime Minister attending world events dressed in Primark? I don’t ever remember anyone asking the cost of David Cameron’s suit, although there was the matter of his expensive swimming trunks.

However it is the unseemly bickering between Mrs May’s chief of staff Fiona Hill and Miss Morgan that has really taken the matter into the gutter.

If No 10 had raised above Mrs Morgan’s snidey comments you cant help but think the matter would have blown over. But Fiona Hill’s unseemly involvement which has seen Miss Morgan banned from Brexit discussion has not only made the row political it has made it look like a handbags at dawn cat fight.

And talking of handbags, Mrs Morgan’s £950 Mulberry bag has now joined the fracas which has seen her branded a hypocrite. Not sure how many people on Loughbrough market have one of those, although she does protest it was 12 years old and a gift, none the less....

Lets now put the matter behind us and let Theresa May get on with running the country.