Mystery of man aged 25 found hanged at work

THE family and girlfriend of a 25-year-old man are at a loss to explain why he hanged himself at work.

Christopher Hogg was found hanging from a blue nylon rope attached to a beam in a storage shed at Hurst Plastics, in Somerden Road, Hull, at 7.20am on Thursday, September 16 last year.

An inquest into his death heard he had concerns about his relationship, but his girlfriend, Kayleigh Faulkner, did not think there was a problem.

Mr Hogg sent her a text message at 5.31am that day, which said: "Everyone has their highs and lows. I can't believe you are unsure about us. Surely what we've got is worth fighting for."

He had also tried to call her on her mobile at 6.30am but she was asleep and missed it.

The couple had returned from a fortnight's holiday in Ibiza on September 8, and although they had argued during the first week had got over it and enjoyed themselves.

Miss Faulkner was upset, however, when Mr Hogg went to a party instead of meeting her as planned after they had gone out separately with friends on Saturday, September 11.

They went out for a meal on the Tuesday evening to discuss it and seemed to have resolved the issue. Miss Faulkner told the hearing: "We walked home together, I gave him a kiss and he walked home."

The next day Mr Hogg went to see his doctor about a painful lump he had discovered on his testicle, but was told it was nothing to worry about.

Miss Faulkner said she was not unduly concerned by the text message on September 16 as it contained "loads of kisses" as normal and she planned to reply when she got to work.

Mr Hogg had been working with two colleagues, Mark Taylor and Michael Sullivan, when they noticed he was missing just before 6.30am.

When he did not return they told a supervisor and went to look for him, eventually finding him hanging in the shed.

They called for help and alerted another workmate, Simon Haggie, a long-standing friend of Mr Hogg's, who tried in vain with another man to resuscitate him before an ambulance arrived.

Mr Hogg was pronounced dead at Hull Royal Infirmary at 8.20am.

The inquest heard he was a talented footballer who had once been considered for trials at Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Hull and East Riding Coroner Geoffrey Saul recorded a narrative verdict and said that although Mr Hogg "died by hanging at his own hand, the question of his intention remains uncertain".