Name and shame threat for kerbcrawl men

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Prostitutes and kerb crawlers face arrest in an area of Hull they have blighted after council bosses were granted an injunction in a landmark ruling.

Anyone caught loitering or soliciting for the purpose of prostitution, or is caught having sex in the area around Hessle Road could end up in court - and face seeing their name published - after the order was granted at Hull County Court.

There have been repeated complaints about women selling sex in broad daylight and from neighbours who have been propositioned on their way to and from work.

It provoked an outpouring of comments on social media yesterday, with claims that it was “pointless grandstanding” and a comment that “you might as well try and ban fish & chips.”

But Coun Daren Hale said there had been a “dramatic” drop off in street-based prostitution with people thinking the order was in place before it was.

Police, PCSOs and some council officers are able to challenge anyone they think is breaching the order. If they carry on they can be summonsed for contempt of court - a move which could see their names published.

Coun Hale, who said he had been taken aback by the blatant nature of pimps and prostitutes on the street, said he believed it would act as a greater deterrent for kerbcrawlers who “wouldn’t want their name all over the paper.”

He said: “It used to happen on Waterhouse Lane and it was moved on by the building of Princes Quay to Thornton Street and road changes and cameras moved it on from there.

“We’ve had the blight for the past 10 years. The only apology is that people have had to wait for so long to get this order to get something done about it.”

Police are supporting the order, under Section 222 of the Local Government Act 1972, which will be in place for two years. Offenders will be given one warning before being taken to court.