NATIONAL NEWS: Pony breaks into pub, gets drunk, is coaxed out with crisps

A CHEEKY Shetland pony broke into a pub, got drunk on stolen pints and had to be coaxed out by the landlord using bar snacks.

Mocha the Shetland pony.
Mocha the Shetland pony.

Mocha snuck inside The Ascot Arms for a tipple before the pub opened but neighsayers denied him his favourite refreshment.

Inside the pub owner Mihaly Herczeg had to use crisps, pork scratchings and carrots to coax the Shetland pony back into the garden where he lives in a paddock.

Mihaly, 53, says his 12-year-old horse usually just drinks water but is always tempted by the cider and beer on tap.

He said: “Mocha lives in the garden but he managed to sneak in through the back door. “I was coaxing him back into the garden with bits of carrot and bar snacks.

“He just drinks water but I reckon if he got the chance he would love beer and apple cider.

“I used carrot but I think he’d love pork scratchings if we dared give them to him.

“He is not a big drinker but he does walk around like he’s a bit drunk but he is very friendly and likes meeting new things and people.”

Landlord Mihaly runs the pub in Gravesend, Kent, and says his regulars love Mocha and the other animals living in the garden.

He added: “We have a huge garden so he has a small paddock in the corner, and we also have a chicken, guinea pig and a sheep.

“I bought him five years ago and he’s only managed to sneak into the pub twice, everyone loves him and the other animals here.”