Never mind Jamie Oliver - just eat what you like, says chef Nigel

A Yorkshire chef is taking on “scaremongering” over obesity and is urging people to “eat what you like.”

Chef Nigel Brown
Chef Nigel Brown

Coming swiftly on the heels of Jamie Oliver’s recent sugar tax campaign, Bridlington-born Nigel Brown said he felt it was time he stepped up to the plate with a campaign of his own.

His campaign #EatWhatYouLike urges people to consume “all that we enjoy to eat and drink that the Government, medical experts and well known celebrity chefs deem bad for us as individuals and as a nation” - and that includes butter, cream, sugar, wine, beer, bread, chocolate and chips.

Mr Brown says he is fed up with relentless stories about the NHS being put at breaking point by people food habits.

He said: “Obesity seems to be the scaremongery term of the decade and it’s time for this to stop.

“In the UK we have freedom of speech but freedom of food choices is now in the spotlight and public domain.

“What will be will be, just know your limits and don’t be governed by those who don’t know you.

“Life’s far too short to worry about having the food police breathing down our necks 24/7. Eat, drink and be happy! I do and I am.”

He is asking people to back him on his Twitter feed @nigelbrownchef.

It comes days after Jamies Oliver said he would slap a ‘sugar tax’ on all sweet drinks served in his restaurants as a protest at the government’s refusal to introduce one. The millionaire restaurateur has pledged to charge 10p for every drink containing added sugar with the money going to fund better education over healthy eating.