The never seen before photos of Sheffield through the ages

Today we turn back the clock to showcase how Sheffield has changed down the years.

PICS: Getty
PICS: Getty

These never been seen before images online are published courtesy of Getty Images:

A cooling tower near the smoking chimneys of a factory.

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A roundabout junction in Sheffield with a pedestrian concourse running beneath it. The site is known locally as 'the Hole in the Road'
Park Hill Flats in Sheffield are typical of the many high-rise tower blocks built in Sheffield in the 1960s.
A worker cleaning new carving knife blades during the abrasive process that follows knife grinding at a Sheffield steel factory.
Pupils at a blind school for children in Sheffield play on a bus donated by the local council. This helps the children get acustomed to everyday situations.
Monument to the fallen in the Crimean War, Sheffield.
A super-sized goods train of special wagons of the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER) passing through Sheffield Victoria Station.
A housing estate in Sheffield.
The old High Street in Sheffield.
Flags and bunting decorate the marketplace in Sheffield.
Soldiers dig out a snowbound train on the railway line between Manchester and Sheffield.
Slum dwellings in the Button Lane district of Sheffield, which are shortly to be demolished.
Soldiers dig out a snowbound train on the railway line between Manchester and Sheffield.
Swiss window cleaner Emil Holliger, who has walked 810 miles from his home town of Zurich to Sheffield to see his national football team play in the World Cup. Switzerland were beaten 5-0 by West Germany at Hillsborough.
Sheffield High Street.
Sunderland's goalkeeper sees the ball safely out of danger during a semi-final FA Cup tie against Burnley at Sheffield.