New BBC documentary looks at ex-wives' divorce battles

Ex-wives are opening up to the camera in a new BBC documentary on divorce battles.


For Richer For Poorer (working title) has gained “exclusive access” to women who were once one half of ultra-wealthy couples.

It will explore “a usually hidden world ... where the Mayfair homes, the Bentleys and yachts have to be split”.

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An ex-wife who walked away with millions and another who refuses to give up the fight are among the women featured.

In the cases followed, the men are multi-millionaire businessmen who have spent a lifetime building their fortunes, while their wives had roles as homemakers, mothers and hostesses.

The BBC2 programme will investigate whether the “women, often branded as gold diggers, (are) really out to fleece their men for every penny they can get, or are they simply pursuing what they’re entitled to?”

Other BBC documentaries announced on Monday include Holocaust, which will use eyewitness testimonies from survivors living in the UK today to make a “definitive film (to) preserve these memories and historical records before they are lost forever.”

In another programme, No Limits, disabled Britons set out on a road trip on modified motorbikes along the Ho Chi Minh trail in Vietnam.

In Britain’s Forgotten Men, filmmaker Dan Murdoch, whose credits include KKK: The Fight For White Supremacy, spends a year on the fringes of Manchester in some of Britain’s most deprived estates.

Other programmes include Redcar, a documentary series telling the stories of the town’s young people and Oink: Man And Pig, on BBC4, examining man’s relationship with pigs.

Accidental Anarchist - How To Avoid The State sees Carne Ross, a career diplomat who became disillusioned after his friend David Kelly’s suicide, make “the epic journey from government insider to anarchist”.