'New broom' pledges to sweep political halls of Doncaster clean

THE English Democrat candidate was today sensationally elected Mayor of Doncaster, pledging to halve his salary and reduce the number of councillors by two-thirds.

Peter Davies won 25,344 votes, 400 more than second place Independent candidate Mick Maye.

Labour, who have held Doncaster for the past 40 years, came a distant third, having crashed out of the race after the first count.

Following his election, Mr Davies, a former schoolteacher, said his reign would herald a new start and a different type of Doncaster council.

He said: "We have been through dreadful things in the last 20 years. I ran my campaign promising Doncaster to reduce the beaurocracy and now I am going to wield the axe. "

He appealed to the moral consciences of fellow councillors to help him institute his changes.

But Mr Maye described the victory as one of the saddest days Doncaster has ever had in its political history.

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