New self-test mobile app for stroke patients

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Digital health specialist Inhealthcare has launched the first self-testing mobile app for warfarin users that connects directly to doctors.​

The Harrogate-based company said it designed the app to give users greater choice and convenience. Previously, patients had to use automated telephone calls or log on to the internet to send their readings to clinicians.

With the new app, they can use their mobile phone or tablet. It is available now in Apple and Google app stores.

Warfarin is the main anticoagulant drug in Britain and is prescribed to patients to prevent blood clots. It is typically given to people who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism.

Users must take regular blood tests to make sure their dose is correct and have to attend a warfarin clinic an average of 14 times a year.

Inhealthcare launched a self-testing service in County Durham three years ago which reduced the average number of clinic visits to twice a year and increased the amount of time patients spend in ideal therapeutic range. Bryn Sage, Inhealthcare CEO, said: “This is yet another communications channel for our self-testing service.

“For digital health to work at scale, it needs to be accessible and inclusive. A lot of our development work has been to ensure that older people who are less confident using new technology are able to benefit from the increased freedom that digital health can bring.

“This new app is for the smartphone natives who lead busy lives and are always connected to the internet. Instead of going to a clinic for a day, patients will be able to take their own readings and send their personal data safely and securely to their GPs via their smartphone.”