Nigella ‘had cocaine in hollow book’

Nigella Lawson arrives at Isleworth Crown Court
Nigella Lawson arrives at Isleworth Crown Court
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Nigella Lawson denied using her evidence to explain herself in front of “the world’s Press”.

Under cross-examination by defence barrister Karina Arden, representing Francesca Grillo, she said: “I felt it was my duty to come.

“I certainly felt it would be an unpleasant experience but that’s not a good enough reason not to do one’s duty.

“I prefer to keep my private life private.”

There was laughter in the packed court when Ms Arden told Ms Lawson that she shares her “penchant for things Italian”, and said she did not mean that as a criticism.

Ms Lawson said: “I don’t see how that could ever be interpreted by anyone as a criticism.”

But when Ms Arden suggested showing photographs to Ms Lawson, she said: “If they’re about clothes I wouldn’t bother because I’m not really very good on fashion.”