The nine health foods to avoid before exercising

They are widely regarded as some of the healthiest snacks available but now experts have identified nine health foods to avoid before hitting the gym.


Personal trainers from have released advice on what a pre-workout meal or snack shouldn’t contain, if exercisers want to achieve optimal results.

Avocado on wholegrain toast, for example, may sound like the ideal healthy breakfast before going on a morning run, but it would be a disaster for the body while exercising.

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Swerving the following nine items until after a workout will help fitness fans avoid any unnecessary problems and reach peak physical performance.

A spokesman from said: “Most gym-goers could easily list what foods are good and bad for keeping their weight down and getting all their daily nutrients.

“But unfortunately, although society is becoming more conscious of health and fitness, many still struggle to plan their dietary intake before lacing up their trainers.”

Here are the nine healthy foods warn not to eat before working-out:

Green Bananas

Not waiting for that banana to go yellow may seem healthy as the fruit will be less sugary, but it’s a bad idea before exercising, as extra starch makes digestion challenging and could cause a bloated or gaseous feeling.


They are full of the good kind of fat – monounsaturated – but any fats are hard and slow to digest meaning the stomach needs more blood, which can lead to uncomfortable cramping.

Hard-boiled eggs

An efficient source of protein, but they lack carbs and take a while to digest, which could weigh down fitness enthusiasts.

Rice cakes

Low in calories and anything unhealthy, but they are low in nutritional value full stop and don’t keep you fuelled.


A firm favourite of the health-conscious, but legumes are high in indigestible carbs which may make exercisers gassy or bloated.


Though spicy foods aid your metabolism, eating a curry right before heading to the gym could cause severe heartburn.

Wholegrain bread

Much healthier than other varieties, but it will still be heavy in the stomach and impede gym-work, as bloating yeast-based carbs hold water.


A great alternative to junk food as a snack or dessert, but consuming dairy products if exercise is planned may lead to a lethargic feeling and slow down fitness fans.


High fibre vegetables are generally recommended, but eating them before exercising could make gym-goers feel rough, bloated or full of gas; they require extra effort to digest, which is hard when the body is focused on a work-out.