No capital gains on immigration

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From: Terry Palmer, South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley.

WE are now told that the once great capital of the world, London, now houses a majority of “foreigners” (Yorkshire Post, December 12).

Our politicians must be really proud of themselves in allowing the indigenous population to become the minority. London now joins Leicester with Birmingham, Bradford, Sheffield and even Rotherham in fast becoming “foreign” cities and towns.

There are immigrants who have been here 30/40 years and still refuse to learn the language and certainly have no intention of integrating into the English way of life. What next for our fast-eroding indigenous population?

Walking tall

From: Claire Nash, Skipton.

IAN McMillan (Yorkshire Post, December 11) is too late to get a long-distance path named after him.

There already is one – at least – with a name so very like his that another would just be confusing. The MacMillan Way in Somerset was developed to help with sponsored walk fundraising for MacMillan Cancer Care.

Perhaps Mr McMillan could walk it, raise money and claim it as his very own path.

Pump action

From: Jeff Thomas, Strait Lane, Huby, Leeds.

THE coalition’s efforts to extend the fuel discount scheme to the remote parts of the UK are applaudable (Yorkshire Post, December 13). Can I ask what on earth has the issue got to do with the EU? Why don’t we do as the French do, give a polite nod to the EU and get on with implementing the scheme without delay?

Perfect present

From: Roger Dobson, Ash Street, Crosshills, Keighley.

HOW good it would be if our Eton-educated Prime Minister bought all our troops home from Afghanistan this Christmas instead of two years hence. He could also add a £1,000 bonus for everyone from him for a job well done. On their return home, they could be employed guarding this country against the scourge of drugs.