No excuses for menace of pavement cyclists

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From: Mr S B Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike.

YET more flimsy reasons for cyclists to use the pavements were written by Matthew Shaw (The Yorkshire Post, May 16).

He attempts to balance his argument by reasoning that pavements also have wheelie bins and parked cars on them. May I humbly advise him that there is a sizeable difference between cyclists and bins/cars.

If he hasn’t yet guessed what it is, I can tell him that, unlike pedestrians, those bins and cars are stationary and so won’t get hurt in any collision which would be the fault of the cyclist.

His comment about “using a quiet stretch of pavement to remove himself from danger” sounds very much like he intends to use the pavement (if there is one) to avoid using any road. His “quiet stretch” is only the variable space between any two groups of pedestrians.

He states that most pavements are wide enough for a courteous (?) cyclist and a pedestrian to pass without incident. That observation has a large black hole at its centre which was highlighted by the letter (also on May 16) from Miss Whittington who recalls cyclists coming up from behind her without warning. Pedestrians (especially children) don’t always walk in straight lines parallel with the kerb – they tend to drift, wander and change direction.