No more scrambling for loose change as car parks go cashless

A CASHLESS parking system was launched in Sheffield yesterday, making it possible pay for parking using a debit or credit card rather than coins.

The "RingGo" system can now be used to pay for council car parks and on-street parking spaces across the city.

Councillor Ian Auckland, cabinet member for sustainable transport and streetscene at Sheffield Council, said: "Bringing in this payment system is just another example of how we are trying to make paying parking charges easy for motorists in Sheffield because the RingGo system gives drivers more options.

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"By giving more options to the motorists we can improve the service they receive.

"As well as not having to hunt for loose change, motorists can be safe in the knowledge that they can extend their stay up to the maximum permitted stay if necessary without going back to the car park, avoiding a needless rush or risking a ticket for overstaying."

After parking their cars, motorists who want to use the system will have to dial the 0114 299 1994 number, which is shown on the pay and display machines.

Users will need to provide a location code, which is also shown on signs, their car registration number and the length of time they want to park. Payment will then be taken from their debit or credit card.

First time users will need to give full details of the payment card they use, but the next time they use the service they will only need to provide the last four digits.

Using the RingGo service costs a flat rate of 20 pence on top of the normal parking tariff.

A spokesman for Sheffield Council said: "No parking tickets are issued as civil enforcement officers can check which vehicles have paid using RingGo.

"Motorists can also extend their stay by mobile phone without having to go back to the car park and feed the cash machine, and without running the risk of getting a penalty charge notice.

"For an extra 10p motorists can also have a reminder text when their paid for time is about to expire."

People who wish to register for the RingGo system in advance can do so by visiting the website at Receipts for parking can also be obtained by visiting that website.