No need to be hounded out of public places

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From: SB Oliver, Churchill Grove, Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

I WAS interested in the letter from Mrs M J Coupe (Yorkshire Post, May 10) who complained that, while Dutch authorities allowed dogs into garden festivals, England did not.

She stated that the sad consequence of this was that she “shall never see our beautiful arboretums and gardens or enjoy refreshments in their cafes” because her dog Trifle can’t go with her.

I would just ask why her movements and enjoyments are controlled by the compulsory presence of her dog? Did she take her dog to the Netherlands? If she didn’t, then she can enjoy some things without the dog.

I sometimes wonder why some people take dogs to places where there are people, and children, enjoying certain activities. They use the visit to exercise the dogs and we just can’t understand why people take dogs to car-boot sales and we regularly witness the macho-men (often with two dogs) dragging the dogs away from a barking and growling match with another dog whilst people and children are passing close by. Dogs need to be exercised but they are usually just a nuisance at public events and gatherings and they don’t wait to obey the call of nature.

They are banned from beaches at most resorts. How does Mrs Coupe cope without the dog at the supermarket, or going to a wedding or visiting a hospital?

I’m sure she is able to leave the dog at home, or in the car, but I feel that her “Trifle” is a trifle dominating – the tail wagging both the dog and the owner?