‘No peace until they put bullet in head of murderer’

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THE DAUGHTER of a British aid worker apparently killed by Jihadi John has said the families of his victims will “feel closure and relief once there’s a bullet between his eyes”.

Yorkshire-born David Haines was beheaded last September after being taken hostage in Syria in March 2013 while working for international relief agency Acted.

The 44-year-old father-of-two, who was born in the East Riding, had been helping refugees in a camp near the Turkish border when he was snatched by militants.

His daughter Bethany said that “it’s a good step” that the man in a video of her father’s death has been identified in reports as Mohammed Emwazi, but that it does not bring any closure.

She said: “It’s a good step but I think all the families will feel closure and relief once there’s a bullet between his eyes.”

Subsequent reports have said Emwazi was known to UK security services before joining “Islamic State”.

Ms Haines said: “If they’d known his name earlier they could have stopped him going but they can’t and once he’s captured I think there will be a lot of happy faces.”

She added: “It is shocking but they’re doing their job. They’re doing the best they can. They’ve not dealt with a so-called Islamic State like this before. There’s no right or wrong.

“There should been more security in airports to stop people doing that and definitely for him, obviously he’s part of a terrorist group and is out to kill hundreds of people and it’s not right.

“They need to be monitoring airports more clearly. They need to be asking more security questions. Why are people going to Turkey and then getting a connecting flight? It’s not right. You don’t just go to Syria on holiday.”

Ms Haines also raised concerns over the three young girls who have apparently travelled to join Islamic State from London.

Shamima Begum and Amira Abase, 15, and Kadiza Sultana, 16, travelled to Istanbul on 17 February.

Ms Haines said: “One of them is a year younger than me. They’ve been brainwashed. And it’s not their fault but there should’ve been someone there stopping them.”

Meanwhile, Emwazi has been described as “extremely kind” and “extremely gentle” by a man who has known him since 2009.

Asim Qureshi, a director with British advocacy group Cage, which claims Emwazi was interrogated by MI5 and subjected to harassment, said: “You might be surprised to know that the Mohammed that I knew was extremely kind, extremely gentle.”

Emwazi was born in Kuwait and studied for a degree in computing at the University of Westminster. “Jihadi John” rose to notoriety after his appearance in a video posted online last August, in which he appeared to kill the American journalist James Foley. He has appeared in several other hostage beheading videos.