No plans to giddy up after 43 years on lollipop crossing

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Yorkshire’s longest serving lollipop lady has been honoured for her 43 years’ service on the same crossing.

Margaret Cattle, 67, has seen generations of schoolchildren safely across busy Southwood Road in Cottingham, near Hull - including some whose grandparents she helped cross when they were youngsters.

She said: “Sometimes when I am in Hull people will come up and say: ‘Hiya Lollipop, you used to cross me.’

“The older ones were ready for leaving school when I started and are now in their 50s and some have grandchildren.

“You wouldn’t believe how much the little, tiny ones love a lollipop coat.”

She campaigned for 30 years for a proper crossing. Over the years the road has got busier and people more impatient: “They haven’t a moment to live and think to have to stop is an annoyance.”

But she added: “When I am on school holidays I enjoy it but I’m ready for going back when they go back.”

Mrs Cattle says she will carry on until she’s at least 70 as long as she is fit enough.

Council supplier Keltic Clothing presented Mrs Cattle a badge and a bottle of champagne.