No room for appeasement when faced with terrorists

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From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

WELL done Australia. I congratulate you on bringing the Sydney terrorist attack to a swift end. We all have sympathy with those who are bereaved but any prolonging or appeasement of the horror would have probably led to ten times more casualties.

Even as I write, there is news of another massacre in a school in Pakistan carried out by the Taliban. At what stage do we decide that we cannot abide this slaughter any longer and take the bull by the horns with a little help from the Biblical “an eye for an eye?” The Human Rights brigade have had their say and things have got worse.

If you were unfortunate enough to meet a mad elephant, you would treat it as a mad elephant and act accordingly. It would be you or it. It would be no good reading it its rights. What civilised body would plan an attack on a school leading to deaths of innocent children?

It is the same warped policy as denying an education to young girls.

From: John Rookes, Bramley, Rotherham.

AFTER the recent tragic events in Sydney, was this another botched rescue attempt? The hostage taker could be clearly seen through the window for hours before the police tried the rescue. why did they not deploy a marksman in an adjacent building and take him out from there? That would have prevented further loss of life and other casualties. Rarely do rescue missions end in success, but they never seem to learn.

From: A W Bower, Bradford.

WATCHING the atrocities perpetrated in Pakistan on children and significantly 
the deliberate burning of a teacher by the Taliban, I 
recalled the news in which 
it was disclosed that our 
troops when interrogating Taliban prisoners must not 
shout at them.

Isn’t it about time we 
had a government that 
had a spine and stopped kowtowing to the soft left?

This country became a great power through strength of purpose.

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

SO Vince Cable complains that spending cuts will reduce Britain’s Armed Forces to a “largely ceremonial role” (The Yorkshire Post, December 15).

But surely such activities ought to be the first to go 
in any reduction in military spending? For they do 
nothing towards defending 
our country.