North Yorks County Council election results

DESPITE the gloomy General Election news, the Conservatives comfortably retained control of North Yorkshire County Council in the local polls.

Conservative leader of the council David Ashton said that although the Conservatives registered a net gain of a single seat, taking giving them 41 seats on the 74-member authority, the results were a mixed bag for the party with deputy leader Tim Cole being defeated by an Independent in South Craven and long-serving Tory David Murkett also coming to grief, at the hands of Labour, in Thirsk.

But the Tories did take one significant scalp with the defeat of Liberal Democrat chairman of the North Yorkshire Police Authority Baroness Harris in Richmond.

Coun Ashton added: “I’m pleased we have retained overall control. We obviously need to work with the Government although we don’t necessarily agree with some of the things they are doing. But they are the ones who are setting the agenda.”

The Liberal Democrats now have 17 seats, a net loss of two, Labour gained a single seat giving the party 12 overall while the Independents are unchanged on four.


CRAVEN DISTRICT</b><br>Airedale <br>Irene Ethel Greaves, Con 2334 <br>Andrew Wood, Lib Dem 2227<br>Maj: 107 Con Hold

Mid Craven <br>Shelagh Marshall, Con 2801<br>James Monksfield, Lib Dem 1229<br>Maj: 1572 Con Hold

North Craven <br>David Lloyd Ireton, Con 2577<br>Anthony John Macaulay, Ind 1232<br>Maj: 1345 Con Hold

Ribblesdale <br>Beth Graham, Lib Dem 2156<br>Richard Vernon Hargreaves, Con 1773<br>Maj: 383 Lib Dem Hold

Skipton East <br>Alex Bentley, Con 984 <br>Robert Geoffrey Heseltine, Ind 773 <br>Eric Jaquin, Lib Dem 848<br>Peter Madeley, Lab 881<br>Maj: 103 Con Hold

Skipton West <br>Mike Doyle, Lib Dem 2209<br>Marcia Turner, Con 1800<br>Maj: 409 Lib Dem Hold

South Craven <br>Philip Melvin Barrett, Ind 1912<br>Tim Cole, Con 1335<br>Nigel Alexander Murray Kaye, Lab 609<br>Maj: 577 Ind Gain


Appleton Wiske <br>Douglas John Dennis, Con 2708 <br>Ann Hutchings, Lab 721<br>Michael John O’Carroll, Ind 487<br>Simon Kent Whitfield, Lib Dem 623<br>Maj: 1987 Con Hold

Bedale <br>Alan Benn, Lab 850<br>Carole Mary Pack, Lib Dem 695 <br>John Keith Weighell, Cons 2985<br>Maj: 2135 Con Hold

Easingwold <br>Robert Moray Adamson, Lib Dem 1603 <br>Peter George Sowray, Con 2350<br>Maj: 747 Con Hold

Great Ayton <br>Wendy Elisabeth Appleyard, Lab 1064 <br>John Ernest Fletcher, Con 3028<br>Richard Thomas Short, Lib Dem 1694<br>Maj: 1334 Con Hold

Northallerton East and Brompton <br>John Coulson, Ind 1910 <br>Tony Hall, Con 1062<br>Janet Seymour Kirk, Lab 855<br>Maj: 848 Ind Hold

Northallerton West <br>Peter John Barnett, Lib Dem 721 <br>Peter Gerald Brown, Con 2666<br>Jack Dobson, Lab 1395<br>Maj: 1271 Con Hold

Stokesley <br>Stephen Philip Dickins, Con 1822 <br>Caroline Seymour, Lib Dem 2871<br>Maj: 1049 Lib Dem Hold

Stillington <br>Caroline Patmore, Con 2294<br>Julia Smith, Lib Dem 1409<br>Maj: 885 Con Hold

Thirsk <br>Janet Marshall, Lab 1866<br>David Stanford Murkett, Con 1749<br>Maj: 117 Lab Gain

Thornton <br>William Frederick Barton, Con 3139 <br>Stella Dora Wilson, Lib Dem 812<br>Alan Peter Woodhead, Lab 200<br>Maj: 2327 Con Hold


</b>Bilton <br>Heather Adderley, Con , 1,147<br>Peter Caunt, Lab , 634<br>John Peter Burrill Wren, LD, 1672<br>Majority 525. LD Hold

Boroughbridge <br>Gerald Shaw, Lab 792<br>Clifford Wilson, Con 2,588<br>Stanley William Wilson, Lib Dem 979<br>Majority: 1,6091 Con hold

Claro <br>William Brewis, Con, 2,540<br>Alan Beatham, Lab, 510<br>Keith Rothwell, LD, 1,158<br>Majority 1,382 Con hold

Duchy <br>Jane Elisabeth Blayney, LD, 2,344<br>Roger Leonard Newby, Lab, 398<br>Charles Henry Page, Con, 1,246<br>Majority 1,098 LD hold

East Central <br>Richard Cooper, Con, 845<br>Simon Richard Hutchings, Lab, 445<br>Stephen Richard Macare, LD, 1,595<br>Majority 750 LD hold

Granby <br>David Thomas King, Lab 463<br>John Walter Marshall, LD 1,874<br>David Guy Pearson, Con 682<br>Majority 1.192 LD hold

Harlow <br>James Clark, Con, 2,156<br>Jack Duckworth, LD, 1,996<br>Harry Sutcliffe, Lab, 311<br>Majority 160 Con gain from LD

Killinghall and New Park <br>Heather Joyce Garnett, Con, 1,836 <br>John Richard Lockhart, LD, 1,756 <br>Bryan George Robinson, Lab, 470<br>Majority 80 Con gain from LD.

Knaresborough East <br>Althea Eunice Farmer, Lab 696<br>Richard Hall, Lib Dem 2,005<br>David Rimington, Con 1,364<br>Majority 641 LD hold

Knaresborough West <br>Bill Hoult, LD 1,622<br>Malcolm Gordon Jackson, Con, 1,081<br>Andrew John Wright, Lab, 1,021<br>Majority 541 LD hold

Masham and Fountains <br>Thomas Arthur Mould, LD, 1,651<br>Paul Aidan Richardson, Con, 1,931<br>Charles Roy Hutchings, Lab, 377<br>Majority 280 Con gain from LD.

Pannal <br>Cynthia Coltman, Lab, 168<br>Joan Margaret Newby, LD, 1,610<br>Clifford Wilfred Trotter, Con, 2,061<br>Majority 451 Con hold

Pateley Bridge <br>Stanley Hugh Beer, LD, 1,398<br>William John Fort, Con, 2,392 <br>Eric Walter Beechley, Lab, 262 <br>Majority 994 Con hold

Poppleton <br>John Savage, Con 1,226<br>Patrick John O’Connor, Lab 381<br>Pamela Godsell, Lib Dem 405<br>Majority: 821. Con hold

Ripon East <br>Bernard Arthur Bateman, LD, 1,190 <br>William Loudoun Simpson, Con, 1,155 <br>Julie Anne Watkins, Lab, 597 <br>Majority 35 LD hold

Ripon West <br>Stanley MacKintosh, Con, 1,086 <br>John William Stockdale, LD, 1,182 <br>Andrew Williams, Ind, 1,023<br>Majority 96 LD hold.

Starbeck <br>Margaret-Ann de Courcey-Bayley, LD 1,818<br>Phillip Gerard Dixon, Con 809<br>Geoffrey Foxall, Lab 503<br>Majority 1,09 LD hold

Wedderburn <br>Patricia Ann Jones, Con 1,625<br>Claire Elizabeth Kelley, LD, 2,224<br>Robert Kelly Swithinbank, Lab, 316<br>Majority 599 LD hold

West Central <br>Jean Mary Butterfield, Con, 1,516<br>Gordon Brian Charlton, LD, 1,354<br>Christine Elizabeth Colman, Lab, 374<br>Majority 162 Con gain from Ind


Catterick <br>Ann Bagley, Lib Dem 546<br>James Johnson Fryer, Ind 681<br>Carl Anthony Les, Con 1523<br>Nick Miller, Lab 740<br>Tony Pelton, Ind 778<br>Leslie Anthony Rowe, Ind 114<br>Maj: 745 Con Hold

Middle Dales <br>Richard Henry Dunn, Ind 901 <br>Thomas Roger Nevile Harrison-Topham, Con 1924<br>John Philip Weedon, Lib Dem 869<br>Alex Dinsdale, Ind 409<br>Maj: 1023 Con Hold

Richmond <br>Oliver John Blease, Con 1906<br>Angela Felicity Harris, Lib Dem 1635<br>Pamela Ann Mary Layton, Lab 654<br>Maj: 271 Con Gain

Richmondshire North <br>Michael Joseph Heseltine, Con 3333 <br>Jane Elizabeth Parlour, Lib Dem 1064<br>Andy Wilson, Lab 741<br>Maj: 2269 Con Hold

Upper Dales <br>John Blackie, Ind 2400<br>John Michael Mason, Lib Dem 668 <br>Maj: 1732 Ind Hold


Hovingham and Sheriff Hutton <br>Paul John Andrews, Lib Dem 1335 <br>Norman Harry Dobell, Lab 402<br>Geoffrey Keith Rennie, Con 2365<br>Maj: 1030 Con Hold

Huntington North <br>Barbara Allison Kerrison, Lib Dem 180 <br>Clare Launa Wood, Con 463<br>Maj: 283 Con Hold

Kirkbymoorside <br>Valerie Margaret Arnold, Con 2422 <br>Susan Kathleen Balf, Lab 842<br>Krystina Meinardi, Lib Dem 1082<br>Maj: 1340 Con Hold

Malton <br>Timothy Davies, Lab 484<br>Michael Sydney Knaggs, Con 1941<br>Judith Anne Orrell, Lib Dem 1396<br>Maj: 545 Con Hold

Norton <br>Ann Beaumont, Lab 724<br>Brian Geoffrey Cottam, Con 1513<br>David Lloyd-Williams, Lib Dem 1712<br>Maj: 199 Lib Dem Hold

Pickering <br>Judith Margaret Dixon, Lab 714<br>Betsy Rita Joan Hill, Lib Dem 1933<br>Gregory Brian White, Con 1856<br>Maj: 77 Lib Dem Hold

Rillington <br>Linda Joyce Brittain, Lab 678<br>David Murray Naylor, Con 2541<br>Peter Robin Schroeder, Lib Dem 1482<br>Maj: 1059 Con Hold


Brayton <br>Christopher Francis Eyre, Lib Dem 666<br>Wally Norton, Con 2,072<br>Graham Michael Gatman, Lab 2,297<br>Majority: 225. Lab hold

Cawood <br>John Michael Duggan, Lab 1,850<br>Donald Michael Jackson, Lib Dem 618<br>Christopher Frank Pearson, Con 1,804<br>Majority: 46 Lab hold

Derwent <br>John Anthony Eastwood, Lib Dem 776<br>David Joseph McSherry, Con 1656<br>Brian Samuel Marshall, Lab 2,166<br>Majority: 510. Lab hold

Fulford <br>David James Ashton, Con 461<br>Daniel Yameen Prakash Khan, Lib Dem 111<br>William Martin, Lab 124<br>Majority: 337 Con hold

Osgoldcross <br>Howard Buchanan Newitt, Lib Dem 522<br>Ian Ross Pullan, Con 1,497<br>John Francis Vause, Lab 1,800<br>Majority: 303. Lab hold

Selby North <br>Alan William Hartley, LD, 387 <br>John Joy, Con, 1,017 <br>Steven Shaw-Wright, Lab, 2,377<br>Majority 1,360 Lab gain from Ind.

Selby Rural <br>Jack Davie, Lab 1,360<br>Denis Hirst, Lib Dem 442<br>Margaret Hulme, Con 1,693<br>John Burgess McCartney, Ind 664<br>Majority: 333. Con hold

Sherburn <br>Geoffrey Morley, Con 2,075<br>James Clement Snowball, Lab 2,339<br>Robert Hutchinson, Lib Dem 660<br>Majority: 264. Lab hold

Tadcaster East <br>Garry Mervyn Kitchin, Lab 747<br>Christopher William Metcalfe, Con 1,122<br>Roderic Parker, Lib Dem 428<br>Majority: 375 Con hold

Tadcaster West <br>Jean Ashton, Con 1,700<br>Donald Neil Bain-Mackay, Lib Dem 1,190<br>Robert James Packham, Lab 1,155<br>Majority: 510. Con hold<br> <br>SCARBOROUGH DISTRICT

Castle <br>Thomas William Fox, Con 826<br>Gillian Wendy Hopkinson, Lib Dem 300<br>Norman Kenneth Murphy, Ind 294<br>Anthony Jack Randerson, Lab 1367<br>Maj: 541 Lab Hold

Cayton <br>John Stephen Blackburn, Con 1725 <br>Marian Rose Gordon, Lab 1052<br>Denis Pedder, Ind 2039<br>Maj: 314 Ind Hold

Danby <br>Clare Dossor, Lab, 1,209 <br>William Herbert Tindall, Con, 2,122<br>Majority 913 Con hold

Eastfield <br>Paul David Cross, Lab 1189<br>Brian O’Flynn, Lib Dem 774<br>Andrew Stephen Leak, Con 441<br>Maj: 415 Lab Hold

Eskdale <br>Roger Paul Hartley, Lib Dem 1276 <br>Thomas William Miller, Con 1635<br>Malcolm Simpson, Lab 780<br>Maj: 359 Con Hold

Falsgrave <br>David Charles Barker, Con683<br>Paul Anthony Deyes, Official Monster Raving Loony Party 112 <br>Jonathan Mark Dixon, Green Party 124 <br>Duncan Grant, Lib Dem 229<br>John Ritchie, Lab 1420<br>Maj: 737 Lab hold

Filey <br>Benjamin Richard Jenkinson, Con 1535 <br>Patricia Marsburg, Lab 818<br>Alma Gladys Shone, Lib Dem 990<br>Maj: 545 Con hold

Lindhead <br>Kevin Stuart Allen, Lab 1124 <br>Kevin Paul Bland, Con 1292<br>Michael Ford Pitts, Lib Dem 1323<br>Maj: 31 Lib Dem Hold

Mayfield <br>Jane Margaret Kenyon, Con 1648 <br>Dalton Clive Peake, Lab 1360<br>Bridget Dylis Prudom, Lib Dem 744<br>Maj: 288 Con Hold

Northstead <br>Peter Popple, Ind 1161<br>David Crathorne Willis, Con 1007<br>Eric Broadbent, Lab 1622<br>Maj: 461 Lab Hold

Scalby <br>Paul Murphy, Lab 1124<br>Margaret Anne Pitts, Lib Dem 1033 <br>Helen Gall Swiers, Con 2438<br>Maj: 1314 Con Hold

Seamer <br>David Colin Jeffels, Ind 931<br>Marcus Ridley Missen, Lab 1103<br>Gavin Alexander Williamson, Con 1622<br>Gisa Klara Magdalena Moore, Ind 101<br>Maj: 519 Con Hold

Streonshalh <br>Robert William Broadley, Lib Dem 1214 <br>Edward Noble, Con 539<br>Brian Robert Summerson, Lab 1093<br>Maj: 121 Lib Dem Gain

Weaponness <br>Eileen Bosomworth, Con 1409<br>Penny Marsden, Ind 897<br>John Warburton, Lab 1057<br>Maj: 352 Con Hold

Woodland <br>David Lawrence Billing, Lab 1819 <br>William Chatt, Ind 815<br>Dilys Vine Cluer, Green Party 255<br>Vincent Sidney Morris, Con 1056<br>Maj: 763 Lab Hold