NOSTALGIA: New prospect for old Mere now in view

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THIS is the Mere in the 1980s when it was one of Scarborough’s favourite attractions.

There was a putting green, boating on the lake and a cafe. Also visible is an advertisement hoarding for trips on the Hispaniola – a pirate ship which takes its name from the vessel in Treasure Island.

And just like Jim Hawkins in Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, children could take a trip to the island at the Mere and search for gold doubloons.

A map dated 1766 by Thomas Bowen in The Gentlemen’s Magazine shows Scarborough Mere as “a lake called Byard’s Lake”. Its now rundown – though the Hispaniola was rescued and still sets sail in South Bay. There are plans to renovate the Mere for £3.6m and include eco-lodges, mountain bike trails and a dry ski slope.