November 2: Britain has become a soft touch for immigrants

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From: Peter Broadley, Rochdale Road, Greetland, Halifax.

FOR as many years as I can remember, we hear the never ending cry from political parties of all persuasions for more houses to be built, though they have to be “affordable”, whatever that means. The present suggested figure is over 200,000 per year.

I confess that I cannot understand why, other than the simple fact we have too many people in this small island of ours. Yes, I know that people are living longer and many more individuals are choosing to live on their own rather than in some form of “partnership”, but we have become a soft touch for migrants (illegal or otherwise) and of course we are lumbered with the conditions of the EU.

God forbid that David Cameron – “Call me Dave” – has to take any decision of national importance since he is so shallow and lazy on researching his brief that one wonders if he has a brain in his head or simple relies on what is popular amongst the young wives groups of England below Birmingham. He’s cost the English taxpayer a fortune in bribes to the Scots to stay in the UK and is happy to dole out money by the million on any feeble cause. One wonders which future job Dave is aspiring to – Tony Blair will no doubt introduce him to the gravy train!