Now it’s time for a tax on palaces

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From: Brian Windle, Ingswell Drive, Notton, Wakefield.

IT is the poor who are suffering most pain in this recession, so a mansion tax would be one way to redress the balance.

The super rich who own these mansions often pay themselves outrageous salaries and are very skilled at tax avoidance. Even a massive tax increase would not stop most from enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

Also needed is a palace tax. There is one group of super rich who are superb at tax avoidance, the Royal Family. Are any of them paying bedroom tax?

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

NOT only do I agree with a mansion tax, but I also feel it should be extended to extra homes and properties held as buy-to-let. For these additional houses can’t be said to be one’s family home, while those struggling to get on the housing ladder would find it easier if there weren’t these multiple possessors.

Costas cheaper

From Derek Dawson, Common Ing Lane, Ryhill, Wakefield.

RE your front page (Yorkshire Post, February 18), I would say that since holiday cottage owners handed the booking of cottages over to agencies, the prices have almost doubled. For the £600 per week being asked, one can go abroad where the sun is. I have been a visitor to the Dales for many years, but I am having to consider the cost.

Snow go-slow

From: Andrew Mercer, Guiseley.

IT speaks volumes about Leeds City Council’s woefully inadequate gritting and snow clearance work last week that it was easier to get home with Northern Rail – even though the first train was cancelled and passengers were not informed.

Given Northern’s lamentable customer service (Yorkshire Post, February 18), what does this say about the failings of Leeds Council, which only shows any urgency when it comes to the collection of the council tax?