Numbers come up for lifeboat

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BRIDLINGON Lifeboat made the numbers stack up yesterday with a launch from the town’s South Beach.

The lifeboat, which carries the number 12-12 on its hull, launched at exactly 12 minutes past midday on December 12. The first number 12 refers to its length which is 12 metres and the second reflects the number in its class.

The all-weather Mersey class lifeboat just happens to have launched 12 times this season.

Joining the crew was four people - the youngest eight-year-old Elizabeth Blackford - who were celebrating their birthday. Bridlington Lifeboat Operations Manager Steve Kinroy, who thought of the idea, said: “Lifeboat 12-12 launching at 12.12pm on the 12th of the 12th 2012 could only happen once in a lifetime and will be something for the crew and town to remember.”