Nursing home worker ‘took out her frustrations’ on 101-year-old woman

Sharon Parkinson
Sharon Parkinson
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A NURSING home worker caused extensive bruising to the arm of a 101-year-old resident when she “took out her frustrations” on her, a jury heard.

Leeds Crown Court was told Sharon Parkinson carried out the assault on the woman after losing her temper with another resident at Ashgrove House, in Wakefield.

Parkinson, 43, of Heseltine Close, Normanton, denies assault occasioning actual bodily harm on 101-year-old Rose Trigg on June 19 last year.

Dave MacKay, prosecuting, told the court one of Parkinson’s colleagues saw her gripping Mrs Trigg’s arm with “unnecessary force and digging in near the elbow”. Mr MacKay said Parkinson began working at Ashgrove House, in Manygates Lane, Sandal, in late May last year. During her brief time there she was seen to be short-tempered with residents and swore in front of them.

The prosecutor said: “It is this short temper which led her to assault Rose Trigg on June 19, 2012.”

The court heard on the day of the alleged incident Parkinson was working with another carer, Hayley Lyons. Mr MacKay said they had just finished dealing with a male resident when Parkinson said: “The little b******, he’s hurt my arm.” Miss Lyons went to see Mrs Trigg and the pensioner said “Don’t go, don’t go” when she turned to leave her.

“When she turned around she saw the defendant had hold of Mrs Trigg’s left arm, gripping it with unnecessary force and digging in near the elbow,” Mr Mackay said. “The defendant said Rose had hurt herself and pointed to an injury to Rose’s arm. The Crown say that this was the defendant taking her frustrations out on Rose.”

When interviewed, Parkinson told police Mrs Twigg had grabbed her own wrist and dug her nails in. The trial continues.