Cecil Hitch

Cecil Hitch
Cecil Hitch
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Cecil Hitch, who has died at 90, was a former councillor in Ossett who helped bring subsidised housing to the town and ran newsagents’ shops in the area for more than half a century.

Originally from Gawthorpe, Mr Hitch was a councillor for 16 years, and had shops in Ossett, Hanging Heaton and Chickenley.

He was called up during the war to be among the Bevin Boys, working down the mines while the regular crews were abroad.

Five years after the hostilities ended, he was elected to Ossett Borough Council and spent three years as chairman of the housing committee. In that capacity he was responsible for the Croftlands sheltered housing scheme.

He is survived by his wife Bessie, sons David, Paul and Richard, seven grandchildren and four great grandchildren.