Don Whitley

Dr Don Whitley, medical technician

Dr Don Whitley, who has died at 89, was founder and chairman of an eponymous scientific company in West Yorkshire – a business that had begun in a spare bedroom and basement of his home.

Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson, geologist

Peter Robinson, who has died at 83, was a Scarborough naturalist whose work monitoring butterflies in Yorkshire’s Dalby Forest gained world renown.

Dr Mohammad Daoud Matuk

Mohammad Matuk

Mohammad Daoud Matuk, who has died at 90, was a GP of the old school, who tended to 2,100 patients in Barnsley without recourse to either a receptionist or appointments book.

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The former Archbishop of York, John Habgood

John Habgood

Lord Habgood, who has died at 91, was Archbishop of York and second in the Church of England hierarchy for 12 years until 1995, and the most outspoken and effective ecclesiastical figure of his age.

Bob Rust

Bob Rust, TV weatherman

Bob Rust, who has died at 77, was one of the most familiar faces in Yorkshire during the 1980s, as the weather forecaster on ITV’s nightly magazine. Calendar.

Rugby League coach Peter Fox

Peter Fox, rugby league coach

The former national ruby league coach Peter Fox, who has died at 85, was one of Yorkshire’s great characters, an outstanding player who went on to even greater success in management, especially with Featherstone Rovers and Bradford Northern.

Peter Tork in 1967

Peter Tork

Peter Tork, who has died at 77, was the keyboard and bass player in The Monkees, the popular TV pop group which achieved widespread fame in the 1960s.

Paul Flynn

Paul Flynn, Labour MP

Paul Flynn, who has died at 84, was a veteran but unorthodox Labour stalwart at Westminster, who once went so far as to encourage people with serious illnesses to break the law and smoke cannabis.

Ian Hall

Ian Hall, businessman

Ian Hall, who has died at 77, was for 38 years the heart and soul of Yorkshire’s Fox’s Biscuits brand. On his retirement from the company in 1996, its in-house newspaper christened him Mr Fox.

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