Geoff Scott

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GEOFF Scott, a farmer and supporter of country sports, has died at the age of 80.

Born in February 1934, he grew up on the family farm in South Clifton, Nottinghamshire, before gaining the tenancy of the 250-acre Langold Farm at Letwell, South Yorkshire, in 1967.

Badly neglected, he set about restoring the farm – though putting the land right came before much-needed renovations to the farmhouse.

He moved there with his wife Anne and first born son, John, who was three-months-old. A second son, Tim, was born in 1969.

After moving to the Worksop area, Mr Scott soon became involved with the farming fraternity and the local NFU.

He was chairman of the local branch in 1970-71 and 1980-81, and continued to be an active member, on the legal committee and Agricultural Dwellings Advisory Committee until 1998. At this point, he retired and joined the Notts Air Ambulance Countryside Appeal. He continued as chairman from 2001 until his death, having helped to raise more than £430,000 in that time.

Throughout his youth, Mr Scott was always a keen sportsman, playing cricket and rugby for Collingham for many years as well as rugby for Southwell.

After moving to Langold he played cricket for Retford for several years and became involved with Dinnington Rugby Club as a supporter and life member. More than 30 years ago he acquired debenture seats for Leicester Tigers with three friends to follow the career of Dusty Hare, which they held until only three years ago, when the long journey and the frequency of evening matches through the winter became too much.

Throughout his farming life, Mr Scott supported all the country sports including the local hunts. He was always involved in game shooting at Langold Farm, running the shoot himself for 20 years. With 75 acres of woodland, he turned his farm into a true conservation area for all forms of wildlife, providing a greater variety of bird life than RSPB conservation areas. In his latter years shooting was his main interest and pleasure.

He retired to Tickhill, South Yorkshire, two years ago and still visited the farm regularly, especially with the shoot. He loved life in Tickhill and made himself very much at home there.

He was always proud and supportive of his two sons, John and Tim who have both made very successful careers for themselves outside farming, and was also very proud of his two grandchildren in the USA, Alex and Michael, visiting them when possible.

He will be remembered fondly and greatly missed as a true countryman, sportsman and gentleman.