Ian Garrow

Ian Garrow
Ian Garrow
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Ian Garrow, who has died in Scarborough at 83, was a marine commando and Red Devils parachutist who helped investigate the appearance of crop circles in the British countryside.

Spending his formative years in Inverness, he had joined the army in 1951, and rose through the ranks before being recommended for an officer’s commission.

He saw service in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, Iceland and Germany, and qualified as a Royal Marine commando by taking on men 20 years his junior on the assault course. Following his commission​, he became the investigation and flight safety officer for the Army Air Corps, and was awarded an OBE for services to army aviation.

His investigation skills were never more useful than when the government asked him to help investigate the mysterious crop circles that had begun to appear on farmland in the south west on England. Some thought they were the work of aliens, others believed tractors were responsible. Their actual origin was never fully resolved.

After leaving the army, Mr Garrow became chief executive of two national charities, and was commended for his work in Singapore, protecting local children from drug abuse.

He and his late wife, Doreen, relocated to Filey in 2010.

He is survived by daughters Heather and Jackie, two grandchildren and three great grandchildren.