Paul Croset

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His start would be the development and production of a torsional vibration damper and flexible couplings designed by his father, an engineer born in Switzerland.

Paul Croset’s own career had been interrupted by the Second World War. He was soon serving in France in the Corps of Royal Engineers and he was commissioned and served in North Africa and Italy.

He finished the war in Greece and left the Army with the rank of Honorary Major.

At WC Holmes he started in a wooden hut with a small team, and it was not long before Brian Holmes realised Paul knew the meaning of the word “brass” and how to make it, so Holset Engineering Company was formed in April 1952.

In 1954, Paul Croset introduced turbochargers and rubber dampers to the product range.

The first new range of turbochargers were produced and delivered in 1957.

The first, highly successful ball couplings were manufactured four years later and in 1962 Holset entered the fan drive business.

Throughout this period, Paul Croset continued to strengthen his and Holset’s links with leading engine manufacturers.

He built a reputation for engineering excellence and ethical standards, so as to compete in all aspects with the best in the world.

In 1967, Paul Croset was awarded the OBE for services to industry. In 1968, he was appointed a director of holding company BHD.

Five years later, there came the opportunity to escape the confines of BHD and build a strong engineering group with James Hanson.

If Holset were to grow into a worldwide company, it needed to go international and, therefore needed finance to fund engineering programmes and provide products for the future.

In 1973, a year of great significance, Cummins Engine Company USA, a high-technology company with a base business in diesel engines, acquired the assets of Holset with the full approval of Paul Croset and his management team.

It began a journey towards becoming a world leader in turbocharger technology.

In addition to building a £30m company, Paul Croset was a local director of Barclays Bank. He later became a director of Cummins Engine Company.

When in 1998, he completed his 50 years of service with the company and officially retired, he left the company in the position of a true world leader in its field.

Paul Croset was a fine example of a dedicated entrepreneur and will long be remembered by all who knew him.