Trevor Stubley

Artist Trevor Stubley, who has died aged 77, was distinctive not only for his bold, forthright style – he was a big man with a strong personality, and it could be seen in his paintings – but because he resisted the allure of London and its well-manicured galleries, choosing instead to make his living from a little studio near Upperthong, above Holmfirth.

One month a year –- usually August – he escaped from the studio to

paint landscape out-of-doors, preferably in a warm climate.

Like the outcrops of millstone grit in the land he loved, Trevor was unmistakable and robust.

He was abrasively honest, but warm, kindly, an entertaining companion and readily amused.

His talent placed him in the top rank of British artists.

He carried out over 500 commissioned portraits, clients including the Queen, JB Priestley, Dame Janet Baker, Dr Stuart Blanch, when he was Archbishop of York, and Dame Judi Dench; he illustrated around 400 children's books, won numerous prizes and had over a dozen one-man exhibitions.

His paintings are in numerous private and public collections.

Trevor Stubley was born in Leeds and initially studied Art at Leeds College of Art.

In 1953 he went to Edinburgh College of Art, winning a post-diploma scholarship and, in 1955, the Andrew Grant Major Travelling Scholarship and the William Hoffman Wood Gold Medal for Painting.

From 1958 to 1960, he lectured at Huddersfield School of Art before making his living as a freelance artist.

He was Vice-President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters from1994 to 1999, and in 2003 was made an honorary member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters.

From 1987 he has spent a month each year painting abroad, destinations including Normandy, Portugal, Turkey, Corsica, the Cote d'Azure and Ireland.