October 12: If only the world followed Mother Teresa’s wise words

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From: Don Booker, Hall Place, Monk Bretton, Barnsley.

IT SEEMS we needed The Great British Bake Off to turn people’s thoughts away from the problems of the world.

Your front page (The Yorkshire Post, October 8) told of the Prime Minister’s appeal to ‘stop this seed of hatred being planted’. Adjacent was the lovely smile of Bake Off winner Nadiya Jamir Hussain.

Peace throughout the world seems difficult to achieve, but when I had the privilege to meet Mother Teresa and her nuns, she seemed to offer a solution.

We met in the underground St George’s Chapel opposite terminal two at Heathrow Airport. She was on her way back to Calcutta and I was waiting for a plane to Egypt.

We shared the morning 
mass and as she left, we 
shook hands and I told her how the world admired the work and her helpers did for the poor, sick and needy, especially in India.

She was very frail, but returned and took my hand 
and remarked: “It is not 
the lack of food or money that 
is the poverty of the world. 
It is the lack of love and friendship.

“It is easier to solve world poverty than it is to heal a broken heart.”