October 17: Memories of a Vulcan’s flying visit to Yeadon

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From: Jo Cambage, Boroughbridge, York.

I AM trying to find confirmation, or anybody who may remember, of a visit by a prototype Vulcan bomber to Yeadon Air Pageant on May 25, 1953.

I was quite young at the time but recall this happening. The Vulcan flew in, just did a bump on the runway and powered off again. I have asked the various Vulcan websites and other aviation groups if they have any confirmation of this, but no luck as yet. In The Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer dated May 25, 1953, there is a small article headed “Yeadon Air Pageant” which says “A number of jet fighters, some capable of supersonic speed, are to fly in a Coronation air pageant at Yeadon Aerodrome today”. This is the nearest information that I have found, but does not actually say the Vulcan bomber.

The only Vulcan flying at that time in 1953 was a prototype carrying the number 770 under the wings.