October 19: Show support for your local high streets

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From: Johnny Hayes, Chairman, Bishy Road Traders Association, York.

BISHY Road is in the final of the Great British High Streets competition as a local parade of shops. There are three local parades in the final – Bath Place, Taunton, and Hoole in Chester are the other two local centres.

The decision as to who will win the award and a share of the £80,000 in prize money for the seven categories is down to the judges (who visited Bishy Road on Tuesday) and the votes of the public – 50 per cent for the judges and 50 per cent for the public.

We think we did well with the judges but we received an email from the GB High St Competition organisers to say that we were trailing in third place on the voting.

We need to get our York and Yorkshire vote out.

So we need ask local people to vote for us. Not just once but as many times as possible. Once per day maximum.

We have had lots and lots of people voting for Bishy Road but the message that you can vote everyday from one email address is not getting out there.

You can vote every day until November 13. Can the people of York help support our bid? By voting every day for another four weeks.

The population in Chester and Cheshire and the population of Taunton and Somerset have been voting everyday from each email address. They are ahead at this stage after two weeks and we are trailing behind.

It is very simple to do. Go to bishyroad.net and press the vote button. Find the Local Centres then put in your email address and vote Bishy Road.

We need the help of the people of York. Helmsley is in the market town category and need our North Yorkshire votes as well. North Parade in Bradford is in the city centre category and need our Yorkshire votes.

Support Yorkshire shopping streets. Vote Bishy Road if you want us to win.

Do not forget Helmsley and North Parade, Bradford, as well.

Electoral system defeated Labour

From: Michael Meadowcroft, Former Liberal MP, Waterloo Lane, Leeds.

YOUR correspondent Hugh Rogers (‘Short-lived experiment of Attlee era’, The Yorkshire Post, October 14) falls into the common trap of believing that Clement Attlee’s Labour Party became electorally unpopular by 1951 when a Conservative government came into office.

The fact is that the Labour Party polled its highest vote ever in 1951 – two million more votes than in 1945 and actually 1.3 million more votes than the Conservative Party! It was only the lottery of our ludicrous electoral system that gave the Conservatives more seats than Labour, and thus the government.

Disgrace to the travel industry

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery lane, Leeds.

ANOTHER family buying a one-way ticket to Turkey and no one being alerted is a real disgrace to the travel industry and to the authorities in Turkey (The Yorkshire Post, October 15).

My suggestion would be that all travel to Turkey is suspended by the Government. I think this would bring the issue into a sharper focus both for airlines here and for the Turkish Authorities.

I realise determined people would find ways to Syria via other countries but surely, as we are part of a so-called European Union, these other countries could also play their part in stopping this movement of young children to a war zone.

From: Beverley Yates, Thorner, Leeds.

I CAN’T be the only person who fails to comprehend all the fuss and media coverage about a Bradford family who may have decided to go to Syria. We live in a free country. We can leave it whenever we choose. We may think they are crazy, they are certainly irresponsible but their decision to go is theirs, not ours.

From: E W Beechey, Kellington, Goole.

IT has been reported that the Duke of Cambridge is to make a speech on Chinese state television about the need to protect endangered animals.

How ironic this is coming from a member of a family which is known to support and participate in blood sports, sorry field sports. Do I detect double standards?

Diesel prices creeping up

From: Terry Duncan, Greame Road, Bridlington.

I HAVE noticed these past few days that the price of diesel is creeping up and becoming more expensive than petrol again.

Could this be a forecourt owners/Government devious deal following the debacle of VW vehicles to put drivers off buying a diesel car?

Watershed not late enough

From: Peter Hyde, Kendale View, Driffield.

I AM no shrinking violet, having served 30 years in the police and worked as a solicitors’ clerk later, but I do feel that the 9pm watershed for ‘strong’ language on TV is not late enough. Many youngsters learn their use of foul language from these programmes.

Morecambe and Wise, plus the Two Ronnies, could make me laugh without the use of such language so why can’t modern ‘stars’? Innuendo I can tolerate but offensive – as the term suggests – language offends.