October 21: Pacers a rare sight on scenic Settle-Carlisle railway

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From: Richard Morris, Chairman, Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line.

A GOOD essay by Simon Bradley (The Yorkshire Post, October 17) on the future replacement of Pacer trains in the North of England by something better. However, your photo supposedly of a Pacer on the Settle-Carlisle line in fact shows nothing of the sort: it is a Class 158 Sprinter Diesel Multiple Unit which is the standard on our line. We rarely if ever see a Pacer, fortunately.

While the Class 158 has a much better ride than the Pacers and is fitted out to a higher standard, the Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line have been campaigning for some years for better quality rolling stock and longer trains which would enable us to promote this wonderfully scenic line further and attract more tourists to the area. At the moment, we are limited by the capacity of the two-carriage trains which are the standard on the line.

We are hopeful that the next franchise which starts in March 2016 will in time deliver us trains more appropriate for England’s most scenic railway.