October 23: How can Brussels bar us from saving our steel industry?

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From: David Boardman, Kings Head Road, Mirfield.

WITH yet more decimation of our manufacturing heritage in this country (in this case steel production at Redcar and Scunthorpe) I wonder how anybody can see an advantage of being a member of the Brussels bureaucracy.

When interviewed on what help the Government could give to the industry, the Minister replied that “they would have to get permission from Brussels”.

Why should our MPs, who we have voted for, have to ask people in Brussels as to whether we can save our own people and industry? Have we all gone soft in this country? Afraid that if we upset someone in Europe we might be cast out as some leper? When we have no steel industry left and the price goes back up, the country will be held to ransom by the remaining manufacturers in China.

Similarly, when we have closed our so called “dirty” coal-fired power stations with nothing to replace them, we will be reliant on expensive gas from Russia who again if they chose to could hold us to ransom as they did with Georgia. Let’s get Britain back to being governed by British people, not faceless Europeans.

From: Mr D Cook, Cottingham.

THE arguments whether we remain in the EU seem to be endless, but why should there be so much doubt? I cannot think the Germans or French will not wish to sell us their cars, or any of their other products, because we are no longer members. Likewise why should the smaller nations not wish to trade with us? When one considers the EU Parliament spends over £100m on its “travelling circus” moving between Brussels and Strasbourg every month for no good reason except to enrich certain individuals, the wonder is why should anyone favour staying in.

From: Clark Cross, Springfield Road, Linlithgo, West Lothian.

THE UK’s large energy users, such as steel works, pay twice as much for electricity as the EU average. Green zealots with their strident “save the planet” cries are responsible for closures to the UK’s manufacturing industries since renewable energy creates expensive electricity. British steel cannot compete when manufacturing is forced to pay for mega-expensive renewables while competitors burn cheap coal. The green zealots have sacrificed jobs in Britain but created jobs in China, India and elsewhere.

The Government must abolish the Climate Change Act 2008, scrap green taxes and let industry compete.