October 24: City fathers in York should recognise ‘Railway King’

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From: Terry Morrell, North Eastern Railway Association, Prunus Avenue, Willerby.

YOUr newspaper published at least six articles and six great 
pictures of railways (The Yorkshire Post, October 

This identifies how this form of transport has influenced our way of life, and still does, for the past 200 years or more.

In fact, the Middleton Railway in Hunslet, Leeds, was founded in 1758 and is the world’s oldest continuously operating 

However it is amazing – indeed – shameful how the city of York continues to ignore his most famous son George Hudson – he was the ‘Railway King’ who put York on the map of the railway world.

York still enshrines George Leeman, the thief and charlatan who not only went out of way to discredit Hudson but took every opportunity to step into Hudson’s shoes and grab both wealth and fame.

Alright, Hudson had some questionable financial methods but no worse than many other entrepreneurs both at the time and since.

It really is time that the city fathers recognised the great service that Hudson did for York when he ‘made all railways come to York’!

Come on York, pay tribute where it is deserved.