October 24: Come on Minister...give the National Parks the money they need

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Concerns as Yorkshire Dales exapansion is approved

However the growing suspicion is that politics is being put before Yorkshire’s future prosperity. Lord Wallace of Saltaire, the former minister and respected Lib Dem peer, said this week that the matter should not just rest with council leaders – he believes that Labour does not want to compromise its “one party state” monopoly on decision-making in West Yorkshire – while Phil Jones, the regional head of the CBI, says the number of mayors is of secondary importance to the need for businesses and local authorities to work together so this region can become an economic powerhouse in its own right.

Mr Jones, chief executive of Northern Powergrid, is right. The ends is more important than the means, and this necessity must not be lost in the continuing discussions between the Governent and local authority leaders from across Yorkshire. Rather than looking to preserve personal fiefdoms, the challenge is to create an efficient and effective system of governance to bring about a new era of prosperity rather than another costly, cumbersome and convoluted tier of bureaucracy which becomes little more than a glorified talking shop. There are enough of those already.