October 26: Why Ossett needs its mail delivery services

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From: Coun Angela Taylor, Ossett & Gawthorpe Ward, Wakefield Council.

AS a local councillor, it has been brought to my attention that Royal Mail is currently planning to move Ossett delivery services out of Ossett to Grange Valley Road, Batley. Royal Mail have been conducting a three month feasibility study which is to conclude at the end of November, when a decision will be made.

I have spent the last six weeks trying to obtain clarification of the situation from Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene, then latterly Michael Hogg, the Public Affairs Manager, but nobody at Royal Mail will give me any information whatsoever.

I get the distinct impression that Royal Mail are trying to put me off until the feasibility study is over and a decision made.

There has been absolutely no consultation with Ossett residents and businesses – the people that this move would affect the most. Such a move would create hardship for many people, both customers and employees, as there is no access to Grange Valley Road via public transport. The most vulnerable groups in Ossett – the elderly and disabled will be severely disadvantaged.

Ossett is a market town and a town of this size needs its Crown Post Office and its delivery services to be in the town, giving access to all.