October 3: Why Robert Peston is tied up in knots over dress sense

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From: Chris Giddings, Springwood Drive, Halifax.

NUTS. Bonkers. Are those really the words that are used to 
defend the excuse for not wearing a tie with more formal clothing following BBC
 journalist Robert Peston’s interview (The Yorkshire Post, September 29).

It is one more step towards lowering of standards, etiquette and manners in our society today. Walk through any town or city street anywhere in the UK and look at the standard of dress of some of the people and in many cases it is quite frankly appalling.

One wonders where their dress sense comes from.

Robert Peston is quite obviously an intelligent person and he has the right not to wear a tie if he so wishes but there is a time and a place to express his personal views. Does he have to come across as a sloppy and untidy individual on our television screens?

He should perhaps consider the circumstances of where and who he is interviewing. No tie, no suit, either formal or casual but please don’t try and mix both.